Hey everyone! Earlier today my kickstarter passed the $7,000 bonus goal mark thanks to all my wonderful supporters!  So now I’ve set up some NEW bonus goals!  They’re a bit ambitious, but hey.. might as well shoot for the moon right?


If we make $8,000 I will be sending everyone who has pledged $25 or more a free 14×10 full color print in addition to a t-shirt of their choice and their normal rewards.


If we make $9,000 then I will be sending everyone who has pledged $25 or more five unique KSW stickers in addition to the 14×10 print and a t-shirt of their choice in addition to all their normal rewards OR for $30 you get all that and BOTH t-shirts!


If we make $10,000 or more – which is a bit of a long-shot – then everyone who has pledged $30 or more will receive the five stickers, the 14×10 print, both t-shirts AND the $250 dollar reward, putting their likeness in the comic as a background character. This also means that everyone who gave me the $250 dollar reward will be bumped up to the $500 and the $500′s will be bumped up to.  While the $1000 pledger will be featured even more heavily than before.




Here’s a sketch of the free $8,000 bonus print!

It’s a rough drawing, I know, and the fact that it was taken with a cell phone camera doesn’t help but hey! I just moved! And while the apartment is great and will eventually be a wonderful workspace, at this moment my whole life is in disarray. That said, I’m trying to get everything back where it ought to be and so I’m hoping I’ll have a cleaned and colored version of this image online tomorrow (or the day after, TOPS).


I’m also going to get a copy of the $65, street-fighter-esque print up here real soon so you can see why both prints are awesome and different and totes worth having.


Stay tuned, cuz there’s gonna be mad updates in the next 48 hours because we’re nearing the home stretch!
Only NINE days to go!
Let’s make em COUNT!

Hey errybody, how’s the summer treating you? Workin? Chillin?   Over here, sigsoosh is hard at work preparing to turn KSW into something more than just some floppy, self-stapled minicomic. Since my kickstarter was successful, I’ve decided that KSW’s presence on this site will only include the original 40 page minicomic (for now). That way [...]

HEY EVERYBODY! My kickstarter reached its $4,500 goal two days ago with 22 more days to get funding, so I’ve been busy designing new BONUS REWARDS!!   Here’s the deal! If we reach $7000 funding I will be sending everyone who has pledged $25 or more a KSW T-Shirt FOR FREE!   For more info [...]

Hey everyone!   The Kickstarter is LIVE and you can view it at: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1226013253/ksw-a-stupid-cool-pseudo-cyberpunk-action-comedy   For the past couple… weeks I’ve been preparing to launch a kickstarter for KSW – the minicomic that I hope to turn into a full graphic novel over this summer.   For those of you who don’t know, Kickstarter is [...]

HEY EVERYONE!   Ever since my last post about how the fonts on this site were dumb (they were so dumb – before), I’ve been busy at work.  I was at MoCCAfest where I met cool people, I was at TCAF with Matt Madden (and met more cool people), and – most importantly -  I’m [...]


Don’t worry, I’m doing something about this horrible font.

Y’know what’s super cool? Matt Madden put me and Hazel in his new minicomic! I’m very honored by this because Matt is the best. Here’s the comic, with a little explanation by Hazel – which is great because it means I don’t have to explain what Tic Tac Toe comics are. I sold some at [...]

Arright kiddos, MoCCA-fest, Fresh Meat, and the SVA spring semester are done. Over. Kaput.   And you know what that means? It means that my vacation is over.   This weekend was full o’ crazy conventions with Fresh Meat being the chill swag to MoCCAfests manic inspiration.  MoCCA was full of cool people doing cool [...]

Hey ya’ll.   School’s in full swing, making it hard for me to keep this blog going while drawing comics while updating my tumblr and website, so I’m lagging a bit behind.  But don’t think that don’t mean I ain’t busting my balls making comics and other cool things.  I’ve got some site updates coming [...]

I’ve always found Manga to be a mixed bag. Overall I’d say that popular Manga are more immersive and unique than their American counterparts, but this is juxtaposed by their relatively redundant art styles and tortured story arcs. I’m totally generalizing there, Manga as a medium falls on a spectrum of quality that ranges from [...]